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Replacing breeder with caretaker; Attract Balance Aviary is founded on a love of our feathered companions and provides not only a safe haven to the displaced but also an exceptional environment full of enrichment and attentive care for all of our producing pairs, their fledglings and our forever residents. 

All parent birds have been raised from young ages by caretaker, Whitney. They all receive individual attention, lots of free range time and a very healthy diet. All parent birds are hand trained and friendly even after securing a bonded partner that they chose on their own through our monitored introduction process. 

We take pride in offering a variety of enrichment activities to all of our residents and put health, safety and wellness first. Our breeding program is as natural as possible for babies and parents in a domestic environment.  

Each fledgling is raised by mom and dad until they are 4 weeks old. This is vital not only to baby but also parents as it allows the majority of the natural process to take place. At 4 weeks babies are hand fed and handled frequently to allow human bonding to occur and encourage the friendliest feathered companions. 

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